I Guess This Is My Fuck List

Fuck Capitalism

What do the Economy, War, and God have in common? They’re made up to perpetuate the most destructive system humans have created. In the name of money, we have destroyed nature, our neighbors, and ourselves. In the name of money, we have slaughtered, burned, and demolished whatever it takes to get more money. Capitalism is a many-headed beast that must be vanquished for humanity to come together and heal. When we talk about Capitalism, we aren’t just talking about using paper money, we’re talking about the entire system created in 15th century England. The system that has given us colonization, segregation, and class war has also provided a standing army to attack us for non-compliance. Humans acting on behalf of a Capitalist system really do feel entitled to every breath we take.

Resistance Is Everything

Protest, boycott, whistle-blow, bring down the house. Everything was built on the backs of slaves. The people with wealth today aren’t special. They were most likely born into money. Nobody is self-made, and the average person is a lot closer to being homeless than being rich. So, how do we fight without weapons? Resistance. How do you slow a crushing grip? Resistance. Everything that has been built can be rebuilt, and all of the current benefactors don’t deserve their positions of power. I’m tired of celebrity “hot takes”, celebrity-billionaires, and influencer-celebrities. Get fuckin’ fucked, every last one of them.

Create Art Instead

Use your mind and body to produce the things you love. Produce the things that make you feel things. You are at your best when your time isn’t being owned by someone else. I understand we all have to take part in a Capitalist system, but we’re ghosts in cages, and we can rot our way out of this jail, too. Follow what you’re passionate about because, as Kurt Vonnegut said, “[The arts] are a very human way of making life more bearable.” What we could all use is the ability to tolerate life just a little bit longer.

Fuck All Them Political Leaders

There is no such thing as representation. Some celebrities learn the hard way that their name gets dragged because someone may have acted on their behalf. Well, it happens to us every single day to us common folk. We don’t really vote on the important issues, we vote for representation and electors to act on our behalf. We certainly don’t even have a say on picking Supreme Court judges, or a President’s cabinet.

Fuck The Pope

The Pope is considered the Monarch of the remaining Roman empire, and the leader of the Catholic church. He lives in a place shaped like a key, called “The Holy See”. Social constructs bend at the whim of our holiest of holies. His word is law to those who place their stakes in him. It’s wild to me that people pledge allegiance to each other like nations.

Fuck The Patriarchy, Too.

Men, the individuals, can be great. A few of my close friends are even men. The big invisible Man’s club has been an unpleasant experience for just about everyone else, however. Thanks a lot, toxic masculinity, you’ve been a real pain in the ass.

In Conclusion

Fuck all of life’s stressors. Try to take time to create something beautiful from time to time. That’s the secret to happiness, and staying youthful. Grind/Hustle culture isn’t for me. I’m a slacker, looking to automate the mundane and simplify my own life along the way.